"Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining!"

That's what the LDS "Mormon" church does to keep its members compliant and in the dark. Examples: The Book of Abraham, the Salamander Letters, Joseph Smith's marriages to already-married women...the list goes on.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

she Almost Had It

The friend I mentioned yesterday who sent me a long email saying I was self-destructing b/c I left the LDS Church admitted in the letter (first thing, actually) that she had delayed sending the letter because she was afraid it would damage our friendship.  What strikes me as extremely interesting and relative here is that HER OWN INNER INSTINCTS told her that sending that email would be the WRONG thing to do, but she sent it anyway. WHY?  Why did she send it anyway, knowing it was the wrong thing to do?  BECAUSE THE LDS CHURCH PROGRAMS ITS MEMBERS TO RESPOND THAT WAY.  If they are obedient little members, they are COMPELLED to try to bring strays back to the Hive.  The Borg mind must stay as one!  She was soooo close to having her own thoughts.  Tsk.  Pity she caved in and followed the Hive.
But maybe that's what she needs to survive.  She's been in the Hive mentality for so long that I'm not sure she would survive psychologically in the real world.

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