"Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining!"

That's what the LDS "Mormon" church does to keep its members compliant and in the dark. Examples: The Book of Abraham, the Salamander Letters, Joseph Smith's marriages to already-married women...the list goes on.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Watch Out For Atheists!

Apparently atheists are crotchety old goats in bathrobes, holding cups of (oh no!) coffee. As the (please say you're fucking kidding me) Spiritual Safety Tip poster says, you should avoid talking to these "poor lost souls." Hey, i have a better idea! LET'S BURN THEM AT THE STAKE!

Nah, religion's not dangerous. It doesn't promote hatred or fear. There are no hypocrisies involved in practicing religion. Religious folk are tolerant of both other religions AND those who choose NOT to subscribe, right? All the time and money spent on making stupid shit like the poster below is perfectly justified, right? It's for the protection of our children, should those goat-like old atheists lash out at them!

Last time i checked, "freedom of religion" also meant freedom FROM religion if one so chooses. Freedom from a god of any sort, as a matter of fact. But fear is a powerful weapon and as long as religious leaders are serving up heaps of it to the masses, we will continue to see idiocies like this poster and millions of dollars will be spent by various religious organizations to ensure people remain fearful of those who are "different."

Sounds very loving and kind, doesn't it? (Yes, i'm dripping with sarcasm; it's part of the healing process. Someday i may repost this, but say it nicely and more straight-forward. Until then, sarcasm is what's for dinner!)


  1. I don't think it is fair that goats have a bad rep just because some idiot centuries ago decided that Satan has horns. I mean, we let small children feed and pet them. We raise them right alongside the purest of lambs. They are just as funny, adorable and mild as the lambs. In fact, I think they have cheerier dispositions! And yet, every good Christian child knows that sheep go to heaven and goats go to hell.

    Also, they are totally lying to children when they claim that atheist stay home on Sunday! I happen to be home with a migraine today, but I usually go out and do something fun on Sunday. Most atheists I know do the same. If the children only knew that we atheists are out enjoying Sunday instead of snoozing through boring church services, they would probably be inclined to join our ranks!

  2. Unbelievable. Scary. Yet hilarious at the same time. Adults actually teach this shit to children? Craziness.

  3. Hey, it keeps the kids from trampling my flower beds, so I say let's just let 'em go with it. No, wait, that's not right.

    As an atheist, I'm just dying to burst some little kid's bubble. I do it all the time at Christmas. I stand near one of those Talk To Santa photo ops at malls and whisper, "There is no Santa; it's just your Mom and Dad," to every kid who comes within a few feet of me.

    Actually, that's not true, either. In fact, I pretty much keep my mouth shut about my opinions on religion even around my friends, which makes me less courageous than you. And full of admiration.

    Lawd, this is craziness! Do they really put this out there for kids?!

  4. "If you find an atheist in your neighborhood, TELL YOUR PARENTS OR PASTOR RIGHT AWAY!" Wow. What's next? Scarlet letters? Great post.